Hailong 2 Battery (Trike Spare Battery)

Hailong 2 Battery (Trike Spare Battery)

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E-Trike Spare Battery Size

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Battery replacement for E-Trike 

Possibly the worlds largest capacity in a down tube for a 48v battery the EMP Sea Lion style battery is perfect for riders looking for long range in a battery system with a down tube location.The battery case can lock inside of any frame and can also be removed if you are looking to buy an extra case form more range.  

Battery Specifications

  • 48V 14Ah or 17.5Ah Lithium Polymer
  • Battery Pack in Water Bottle Mount Case
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Specifications:Model: Bottle type
  • Battery material: li-polymer
  • Nominal voltage: 48v
  • Rated capacity: 14Ah or 17.5Ah
  • Charge current limit: 10A
  • Charging mode: CC/CV
  • Max charge voltage: 54.6V
  • 30 Amp continuous 60 Amp burst discharge
  • Cycle life: About 500 cycles
  • Range with one charge: 40 - 50 miles (motor 500w) 
  • Panasonic GA cells /LG MJ1

Individual Cell Specs for 17.5Ah Battery 10s5p or 14Ah Battery 10s4p

  • Nominal 3500 mAh Minimum 3400 mAh
  • Nominal Voltage Average 3.635V
  • Constant current 0.5C 
  • Constant voltage 4.2V
  • End current(Cut off) 50mA
  • Max. Charge Voltage 4.2 ± 0.05V
  • Max. Charge Current 1.0 C 
  • Standard Discharge Constant current 0.2C 
  • Nominal Discharge 3000 mAh constant current 
  • End voltage(Cut off) 2.75V
  • Max. Discharge Current 10A
  • Weight Approx. Max. 49.0 g (per cell)
  • Operating Temperature
    • Charge 0 ~ 45℃
    • Discharge -20 ~ 60℃
  • Storage Temperature
    • 1 month -20 ~ 60℃
    • 3 month -20 ~ 45℃
    • 1 year -20 ~ 20℃


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